Introvert Immigrant With Weird Accent Yells...
"If You DREAD Making Sales Calls, But"Have No Options"It Is TIME To Stop Hurting Yourself!
  • No need to snort lines of motivational jargon every morning to "feel ready".
  • ​No need to cold emails/DMs to strangers you don't even like, to begin with.
  • No stressful appointment setting or discovery calls, burning precious time on the phone with broke prospects.
  • No playing "pick-me" by virtue-signaling on Facebook, hoping someone finally hires you for your good morals. (You can be a total, original, shroom-dependent jackass and still make freakin money)
  • ​No need to have any writing skills (these emails literally write themselves)
  • No need to have a big list. (I made $10k in ONE day from a tiny email list of 9,672 subscribers)
"Ooops! I See You're Scrolling!"
When I first launched my coaching business in 2019, we hit $198,000 in the first 30 days. 

But thats not what was special. 

In those 30 days, I did not set a single "appointment", nor did I get on the phone (nor hire any closer) to pressure-sell to anybody to buy my program. 

It was all done with an email-to-salespage funnel. Not cold emailing to scrapped contacts from LinkedIn. 

No asking strangers to get on the phone with me like some adult service sexpurt.

It was all proper, (ethical) ad generated email.

But the point calls. 

No time-wasting, energy-draining, prospect whining in my ears about how broke they were. I woke up daily to $1000, $3,000...even a few $10,000 paydays.

No basement-dweller on the other end who just likes the sound of their voice, and has no real motivation (or money) to invest in themselves.

(Without This Secret, 99% Of New Coaches Will Swing From Feast To Famine For Eternity)

NO. I am not saying sales calls don't work.

They definitely do.

But if you're an introvert, no matter how much you make daily with these calls, every sales call seems to suck more and more life out of you.

I've been there. And I didn't just hate it...

I hated myself more and more, every day I showed up to take those calls.

It sucks to have to explain to yourself daily that "you don't have an option".

"I Was Lost In The Matrix And Couldn't Get Out"

I felt like I was losing myself.

Nobody understood my pain.

People would hear me complain and say...

"At Least, You're Making Money! Be Gratefuuuuul..."
But I'd rather have a regular day job that paid a fraction of the sales call profits, than take the calls.

Hi! My name is Waju...

Like...if you forget my name, I'll ask you "Waju forget?!"

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"I Deserve Better"
This was my first job when I moved to the United States as a scared immigrant.

The job was so hectic, I quit the same day.

My whole life, it seems, has been a journey of me discovering "I deserve better".

Since I was a kid in high school, this statement has been how I awaken myself from peer-induced helplessness.

"I deserve better"

When I got into the sales call business too, everything seemed great. I was even making money.

But I was losing my soul...

Until the day I also said those 3 words.

I deserve better.
"You Deserve Better -Maybe..."
If you're wondering WHY you've never heard of me, there's a reason.

My daily money business does not require me to flash yellow lambos, or be "all over the place". 

Call me anti-social, but to be honest, I kinda prefer that kind of life.

A few of the world famous marketing experts (and many regular Joes) know me though, and they testify to my Midas touch when it comes to getting shit sold.
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